PTFE Tubing

PTFE tubing offers the ultimate in temperature and chemical resistance of any polymeric tubing, and is easily cut, fitted, machined, and routed. PTFE tubing is the logical choice for the most aggressive chemical systems, where high temperatures are the norm, or where chemical purity and inertness are essential.

Markel PTFE tubing can be extruded in natural or a variety of colors for identification. Standard tubing diameters ranging from 3/32″ to ½” are available in PTFE, as well as metric and custom sizes available upon request. Markel also has UL and CSA listings for a broad range of electrical grade PTFE tubing from 20AWG to ½” in diameter.

To meet environmental and a variety of  industry standards, Markel manufactures all PTFE and Fluoropolymer products using 100% certified resins made without PFOA surfactant.

PTFE Tubing Products

Markel can provide natural, colored, striped, or filled PTFE tubing in custom designs or cross sections. Dual wall designs are also possible, consisting of two dissimilar layers of PTFE bonded at the interface. For example Markel can provide a conductive inner layer paired with a non-conductive outer layer or other filled and natural dual wall designs.

Resin options allow optimization of particular physical properties such as hoop strength, tensile and elongation, flexural properties, or crush resistance. Talk to a Markel sales or design representative for more details.

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