PTFE Coaxial Core

Markel produces a broad range of PTFE  coaxial cores including: Conventional Standard Core,  Marlon®, Toughskin® and HiVeC®. Our unique online quality assurance capability enables Markel to control critical electric properties, tight dimensional tolerances and conductor/dielectric adhesion.

Dielectric Dielectric Constant Velocity of Propagation
PTFE 2.1 69
Marlon® Low Density Core 1.65 77
Toughskin® 1.7 76
HiVeC® 1.25-1.7 90
Marlon®, Toughskin®, and HiVeC® are registered trademarks of Markel Corporation

HiVeC® is our highest performing, fully sintered, low loss construction coaxial core.  Markel HiVeC® product is capable of Velocities of Propagation as high as 90% over a range of dielectric diameters.

For all the Markel PTFE coaxial cable cores, the conductors can be stranded or solid, silver or nickel plated copper, or copper clad steel. Dielectric constant values and physical dimensions are tightly controlled to meet the requirements of each finished cable specification for the wireless infrastructure market.

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