PTFE Dielectric Coax Core

Markel precision extruded PTFE dielectric coax core is supplied as a component of  flexible and semi-rigid RF and microwave coaxial cables.  Conductors can be stranded or solid, silver or  nickel plated copper or copper clad steel.  Dielectric constant values are tightly controlled to meet the requirements of each finished cable as specified  by the cable producer.

close-up image of PTFE Coaxial Core

Product Design and Options

Markel has broad capabilities to produce PTFE dielectric for use in coaxial cable. Markel can produce fully sintered PTFE dielectric coax core from 32AWG – 12AWG in solid or stranded Silver Plated Copper (SPC), Silver Plated Copper Weld (SPCW) or Nickel Plated Copper (NiPC).

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