FEP Lined LDPE Tubing

Markel manufactures and stocks FEP lined LDPE tubing in a variety of standard English and Metric sizes primarily for use in Groundwater Sampling, Fluid Remediation and Laboratory testing.  Groundwater sampling tubing consists of FEP tubing jacketed with low density polyethylene. The thin wall FEP liner is used to maintain chemical purity of the samples collected while the polyethylene jacket provides durability at construction sites.

Markel’s FEP lined LDPE tubing is a family of styles that are used in groundwater sampling applications, laboratories and UV water purification applications.

To meet environmental,  ground water and other industry standards, Markel manufactures all PTFE and Fluoropolymer products using 100% certified resins made without PFOA surfactant, i.e. “PFOA Free”.  Markel FEP Lined LDPE tubing complies with necessary environmental specifications such as: EPA SESDPROC-301-R1.

Tubing is available in a variety of standard English sizes.

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