Groundwater Sampling & Remediation

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Markel Groundwater Sampling and Fluid Remediation tubing is a family of styles that are used in groundwater sampling applications and UV water purification applications. Markel “PFOA Free” Groundwater  tubing consists of FEP tubing jacketed with low density polyethylene. This tubing complies with necessary environmental specifications such as: EPA SESDPROC-301-R1. Thin wall FEP tubing is used to maintain chemical purity of the samples collected while the polyethylene jacket provides durability at construction sites.

FEP Tubing Products for Groundwater Sampling and Fluid Remediation

FEP Tubing Customization Options

Markel dual wall groundwater tubing is made with a low density polyethylene jacket and an FEP liner. This combination provides a rugged tubing suitable for most sampling applications. When extra flexibility is required, Markel supplies ECONOZONE™ Tubing made with a white or black ethyl vinyl acetate jacket with the same FEP liner.

When extra protection is required, Markel Armored Groundwater Tubing is designed for use at construction sites where the tubing must be protected from personnel and equipment moving through the test area.

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