Water Filtration

While PTFE is one of the most hydrophobic polymers employed in membrane production, it finds a considerable number of applications in water filtration and separation. In each case, one of the unique properties of PTFE is required or advantageous to the application.

For waste water treatment, PTFE hollow fibers may be employed for their resistance to harsh cleaning chemicals, for their resistance to contaminants in the waste water itself, or for the excellent thermal properties of PTFE. PTFE hollow fiber membranes are finding use in niche applications in membrane bioreactors for waste water treatment for the reasons listed above as well as their strength and durability, two important properties for membranes installed in these systems.

For drinking water, porous PTFE hollow fibers may be employed again for their ability to stand up to the stringent cleaning and sterilization processes required for drinking water. The durability of the fiber combined with its ability to withstand harsh cleaning systems run at high temperatures.

In certain cases, hydrophilic coatings may be applied to the PTFE hollow fiber membranes to alter the surface energy and achieve a higher flux rate for aqueous filtration systems.

Markel has developed a family of modules for both separation and filtration of water.  Contact Markel to discuss the possibility of using PTFE hollow fiber membranes and the Markel potting system to solve your challenging water purification problems.

Advantages to Markel's Membrane Filtration & Custom Potting System

Markel is developing filter modules for the crossflow filtration of wine based on our porous PTFE hollow fiber and fluoropolymer potting system. The advantages to the wine industry are many and significant:

There is a radical difference in the ability of PTFE hollow fibers to stand up to cleaning systems generally employed for beer and wine when compared to Polysulfone. PTFE will not, nor will our potting systems, suffer any short or long term repercussions from the cleaning systems employed by the winery.

PTFE hollow fibers are far more durable and strong than polysulfone or equivalent. This translates to being better able to tolerate repeated temperature and pressure swings, higher pressures for filtration improving rates, higher pressures for backflushing reducing cycle times for cleaning, etc. The service temperature for both the fiber and the potting system is significantly higher (80-85°C ) allowing hotter temperatures during cleaning, reducing cycle time.

The use of ozone is also enabled by PTFE. Ozone cleaning processes and systems are making inroads in food and beverage, are lower cost, and have effectively no waste stream compared to conventional cleaning methods. Employment in the wine and beer markets has been limited to ancillary equipment as the incumbent membranes will not stand up to the aggressive attack from ozonated water. A PTFE membrane filter will enable these systems to be employed, representing a cost savings to the winery or brewer.

The PTFE module has a far more robust potted end, reducing the likelihood of pull out or pull-away.

To discuss these advantages further, contact a Markel design engineer.

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Systems Partners

Our ideal customers are established systems suppliers that have the necessary engineering/design and marketing resources/ channels to drive both systems and module sales into existing and new markets. Markel likes to work as a design partner with engineering firms and systems suppliers to develop modules that meet critical, specified applications and operating parameters.   Markel recognizes the extensive development effort that goes into a membrane contacting, separation, or filtration applications.  We bring the expertise and capability to design the proper combination of fiber/ tube dimensions, pore structure, and potting system to meet the most challenging needs.

Typical development programs operate under the mutual protection of a non-disclosure agreement or other business agreement to protect all intellectual property and joint investments.

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