Membrane Liquid Extraction

Membrane Liquid Extraction (MLE) is a promising emerging technology for recovery of high value-add compounds traditionally isolated via conventional liquid extraction methods.   By physically separating two liquid streams and allowing solute migration through a microporous membrane, membrane liquid extraction allows solute extraction without direct contact between the two liquid phases.    Besides providing significantly higher surface to volume ratios, MLE offers several significant commercial and technical advantages over conventional liquid extraction:

  • Isothermal recovery of temperature sensitive materials
  • Dispersion free liquid extraction. No contact between the two liquid phases
  • Very low HTU, insensitive to flooding at high flow rates
  • Insensitive to unloading at low flow rates
  • Easily scalable, capacity expansion proportional to surface area
  • No risk of emulsifying the two phases
  • No density differences required for effective separation

Markel Eclipse Hollow Fiber Membrane® contactors offer the first viable commercial contactor designs for MLE.   The chemical resistance, chemical inertness, thermal stability, hydrophobicity, and contactor design options offered through Eclipse membranes are uniquely enabling to bring this promising membrane process to commercial advantage.

Markel has developed a family of modules utilizing their proprietary potting technologies for  filtration, separations and contacting applications.   Please contact Markel to discuss your specific needs.

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