Gas Liquid Contacting

Membrane modules are ideal for a myriad of gas/liquid contacting applications, offering very high surface areas, high efficiencies, and unparalleled process flexibility.   Membrane contactors do not suffer from the limitations of conventional systems such as flooding, entrainment, maldistribution of flow, poor residence time distribution, and disengagement issues.   Instead by employing a microporous structure, a membrane contactor ensures that the two phases are brought into contact in a controlled fashion and by balancing flows and pressures, one can ensure an almost 100% dissolution rate of the gas into the liquid.  Ozone, chlorine dioxide, and sour gas sweetening are all commercially significant examples where membrane gas/liquid contactors can play a significant role.

The use of ozone as a means of sanitizing, an anti-microbial agent, or a cleaning system has expanded rapidly since FDA approval in 2001. Some of the key advantages of ozone vs. other decontaminating technologies are:

  • It is one of the strongest oxidizing agents available – 150% stronger than chorine over a broad pH range
  • It can be generated on site – no shipping, handling, or storage required
  • Reacts swiftly and effectively on all strains of viruses
  • Rapidly decomposes to oxygen, requiring no waste disposal or neutralization
  • No formation of toxic halogenated compounds

Chlorine dioxide dissolved in water is also a promising oxidizing agent being more effective than elemental chlorine and able to be dissolved in water at higher levels.   Chlorine dioxide also does not lead to harmful byproducts as does elemental chlorine.    Membrane contactors allow Chlorine Dioxide to be generated and consumed on site, eliminating thorny transportation issues and degradation during storage.

Sour gas sweetening, the stripping of sulfates from natural gas is a promising emerging gas/liquid contacting application for membrane contactors, offering significant advantages over convention scrubbing systems.

Eclipse Hollow Fiber Membrane® contactors are ideal for each of these aggressive, commercially significant gas/liquid contacting applications.   No other polymeric membrane system can tolerate the harsh chemical environment required for these and similar applications.

Markel has developed a family of modules utilizing their proprietary potting technologies for both filtration and contacting applications.   Please contact Markel to discuss your specific needs concerning Gas Liquid Contacting and Separations applications.

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