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Porous PTFE Membranes

Markel Corporation has commercialized a proprietary technology for manufacturing porous Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) membranes in a variety of useful geometries. Whether as a hollow fiber, tube, or porous rod, the porous PTFE structure imparts to the finished device unique and exciting properties previously unavailable in the market.

Markel Porous PTFE hollow fibers and tubing may be employed either singularly or in bundled arrays for micro- and ultra filtration, gas/liquid separation, gas/liquid contacting, liquid/liquid contacting, pervaporation, membrane and osmotic distillation, or as a sub-structure for reactive and catalytic systems.

Markel has developed a family of modules using their proprietary potting technologies which ensure a robust and efficient module but also allow for design latitude.

Ancillary coating and surface modifications presently under development will further tailor the properties of the fiber for specialized filtration and membrane applications.

Markel porous PTFE hollow fiber products are finding applications in the semi-conductor market, food and beverage processing, environmental systems, analytical and process instrumentation, ozonation of water, the chemical process industry in general and the petrochemical industry in particular.

Porous PTFE rod and solid fiber comes in the same wide range of diameters and porosities, and typically sees applications in wicking, venting, pressure control, and VOC (volatile organic compound) isolation and containment. The porosity of the rod or solid fiber can be modified to regulate the pressure drop or flow rate through the porous media.

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