Markel is a leading supplier of fluoropolymer tubing including: PTFE and melt fluoropolymers i.e. FEP and PFA.  Fluoropolymer tubing is often used in aggressive fluid handling applications where chemical resistance and or high temperature are required.   PTFE tubing is also known for it’s low leachables and extractables and is often used in systems like chromatography to ensure sample integrity. To meet environmental and other industry standards, Markel manufactures all PTFE and Fluoropolymer products using 100% certified resins made without PFOA surfactant, i.e. “PFOA Free”.   Markel’s , PFOA free, fluoropolymer tubing is ideal for chromatography applications where purity and control are critical.  Tubing is available in a variety of standard English and Metric sizes.  Custom sizes available upon request.

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