Markel is the undisputed number one supplier of Abrasion Resistant PTFE Liners for Automotive cables globally. This position is supported by a large number of high capability horizontal and vertical paste extruders dedicated to making AR liner and narrow gage tubing. Every year, Markel produces over 25,000 miles of AR liner under stringent ISO9001 and AS TS16949:2009 quality standards.

Markel supports customers in over 20 countries with dedicated supply/stocking locations in the EU and Asia. Operating 24×7 days per week, Markel has the capabilities to meet the changing and growing needs of our global auto customers.

Markel is the technology and innovation leader in PTFE AR liners. With proprietary filler packages and top quality (PFOA free) resins from world class suppliers, Markel liners meet the most challenging requirements. Markel Eclipse membranes are setting the standard for reliable filtration and separation solutions subjected to high temperatures and used in the most aggressive PH environments.

Markel has an 80 year track record of innovation and know-how across its product line. From one dedicated facility in Plymouth Meeting, Pennsylvania, Markel employees utilize proprietary processes and methods to consistently produce top quality materials.

All Markel products are made to the exacting standards of our customers. Most of these products are custom made with unique specifications and quality tolerances/requirements.



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Markel is one of the pre-eminent suppliers of PTFE cable liner.
Markel Corporation has commercialized a proprietary technology for manufacturing porous Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) membranes in a variety of useful geometries.
Markel has been a world leader in the production of PTFE coaxial cable core designs.
Markel is a major supplier of most other fluoropolymer based products for the automotive industry.
As part of our general fluoropolymer processing expertise, Markel manufactures tubing and other profiles from a broad range of fluoropolymer resins.
Markel offers many types of UL and CSA listed, high temperature wire. Markel has extensive plant capabilities to manufacture high temperature ETFE, FEP, PFA, and PTFE insulated wire.



World Class Quality

Markel is ISO 9001 and IATF 16949 certified and maintains 24 x 7 Quality Assurance Capability to support 100% customer satisfaction by producing technically advanced products at optimal quality for our customers. In addition, Markel has deployed 6s, operator training, and a robust Quality Management System to drive lean principles across the manufacturing process.

Global Supply Chain

Markel supports a global supply chain capability for European Union and Asia Pacific customers, delivering JIT materials to over 40 countries. Customer production schedules change every day and we are there to support their needs.
Markel is the number one supplier of Abrasion Resistant PTFE Liner in the world
automotive OEM’s/Brand Manufacturers sold to
million meters of Abrasion Resistant PTFE Liner sold in the past 10 years
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