Who We Are

Markel Corporation was founded in 1922 at our present location in Plymouth Meeting, Pennsylvania. Markel’s initial product line consisted of braided textile-based sleeves coated in linseed oil which were used as insulation in vacuum tube radios.

Markel’s first fluoropolymer products were introduced in the 1950’s and in 1978. Markel developed and patented PTFE based abrasion resistant cable liners in response to the need for improved efficiencies at higher temperatures in automotive accelerator and transmission shift cables. In 2000, Markel made a strategic decision to focus solely on fluoropolymer based products and reinvest for significant growth in this newly created core business.

Today, Markel is a specialty manufacturing company whose focus is on creating value added fluoropolymer-based products for: fluid handling, chemical process, automotive, telecommunications, membrane filtration and separation markets. Markel is widely recognized as a global technology leader in fluoropolymer extrusion. With expertise in bonding fluoropolymers, etching systems, large profile cable core and mandrels, and now ePTFE membranes,  Markel has demonstrated the ability to rapidly develop new technology to the changing needs of the market.

To meet Markel’s sustainability goals and environmental and automotive industry standards, Markel manufactures all PTFE and Fluoropolymer products using 100% certified resins made without PFOA surfactant.  In addition, Markel offers a variety of easy to use, environmentally friendly, recyclable packaging options designed to optimize productivity, product protection,  and handling.

The Markel Team