Chlor Alkali

There exist three new routes employing Markel Eclipse Membranes® in the Chlor Alkali Market: Brine filtration, Brine Re-concentration and Chlorine Dioxide Production. For 5 years Eclipse Membranes have been sold globally through our partners in the form of brine filtration candles. Brine Re-concentration and Chlorine Dioxide production, both achieved via Osmotic Membrane Distillation Processes, are not yet commercial and are being explored with partners having proprietary systems and processes.

Brine filtration or brine polishing filtration refers to the filtration process in the Chlor Alkali chemistry that reduces total suspended solids (TSS) in the incoming brine feedstock to a defined level. As the Chlor-Alkali production is one of the most commercially significant processes in the chemical industry and the only commercially viable source for two industrially important families of chemicals, much rides on the reliability of the filtration system.   It is an expensive process to operate with a very costly electrolysis cell at its heart that the filtration system is there to protect.

This use of Markel’s Eclipse PTFE tubular membranes in the form of brine filtration candles is pre-existent in China and Europe.   There are relatively few membranes producers serving this market and they have not demonstrated the willingness to advance designs of either system or membrane. Through partnerships with our systems producers, Markel will provide both custom membranes and module design technologies to meet our partners existing and improved filtration system requirements.   Contact Markel Eclipse Membranes® group to discuss you specific needs in brine filtration. We will be happy to work with you and connect you to our current systems providers for more information.


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