Food & Beverage Filtration

Markel PTFE porous hollow fiber membranes are finding application in the food and beverage industry for clarifying, concentrating, and purifying these important products. They are also ideal for treatment of waste streams from food or beverage processes, either for recovery and reuse or treatment prior to waste disposal.

The membranes are employed not only as filters, but also for membrane separation processes such as gas/liquid separation (adjusting CO2 levels in beer, adjusting alcohol levels in wine and beer), and liquid/gas contacting (injecting CO2 or N2 into beer). Filtration applications may range from microfiltration through nanofiltration and reverse osmosis.

The dominant driving force for membrane filtration in the food and beverage industry is the ease and low cost of operation, waste minimization, the ability to easily backwash, sterilize, etc. and the high quality and consistency of the finished product.

The dominant driving force for membrane separation processes in the food and beverage market is the ability to effect a separation without the use of heat. Osmotic distillation and certain other membrane separation processes are largely isothermal, relying instead on concentration gradients or pressure gradients for driving forces rather than thermal energy.

Food & Beverage Filtration Applications

  • Production of Sweeteners

  • Concentration of Egg and Egg White

  • Recovery of Starches, Food Gums

  • De-alcoholization of Beer and Wine

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