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PTFE Solutions for Automotive Components

Markel : PTFE for Automotive

PTFE for Automotive Components

Markel is one of the pre-eminent suppliers of PTFE and other fluoropolymer based products for the automotive industry.

The world leader in PTFE abrasion resistant cable liners for automotive shift cables and cable control assemblies, Markel first developed this product 1978, and has been continually improving it since then. Presently, Markel offers several liner designs including different filler packages, interior conduit designs, and jacketing systems over a wide range of sizes to suit your immediate or future needs. Our expert sales and design staff can help you quickly arrive at a system that will optimize the performance of your cable design.

Our capabilities in high temperature PTFE wire for automotive applications are another platform in the automotive arena, whether for under-the-hood applications, oxygen sensors, or other critical high temperature applications, allow Markel to provide a quote on your wiring needs.

Rounding out the product line, PTFE fuel and vapor hose along with a family of specialized fluoropolymer tubing products makes Markel the logical choice for critical fluoropolymer automotive components.