High Temperature PTFE Wire

Markel offers a broad range of PTFE insulated high temperature wire for applications including: automotive oxygen sensor wire, high temperature wire harnesses and hook up wires.

As a leading  wire supplier, Markel’s products deliver: fault free insulation, tight dimensional control, high adhesion between the insulation and conductor with long lengths and custom packaging.

Markel meets ISO 9001: 2008/TS 16949:2009 standards, MILW16878 automotive and other industry requirements.

To meet environmental and automotive industry standards, Markel manufactures all PTFE and Fluoropolymer products using 100% certified resins made without PFOA surfactant.

Colorful High Temperature PTFE Wire for Automotive PTFE

Markel produces wire insulated with PTFE, FEP, PFA,  and ETFE. Markel has listings for numerous CSA and UL styles that are applicable for the automotive, industrial and appliance industries.

Surfaces can be treated for encapsulating or bonding. Full range of colors are available.

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